Samantha Vamos

School Visits


Samantha school visits I enjoy speaking with budding authors and artists about writing. The purpose of my presentation is not only to inform and educate, but also to engage and entertain so that reading and writing are thought of as enjoyable.

The suggested audience for my bilingual children's picture books, Before You Were Here, Mi Amor and The Cazuela That The Farm Maiden Stirred is K through 3. My presentation for this age group runs 40 minutes and includes a short DVD about my life as an author; a PowerPoint presentation about my writing inspiration; reading my books, and a question and answer period.

For activities and discussion ideas related to each of my books, please see:

Pre-order forms are available through a facilitating bookstore or through me.

Download Poster

In addition to the AV equipment listed below, please have technical assistance available to confirm that all equipment is working properly.

Laptop, Projector, and Screen
DVD player
Microphone and extension cord

For a single presentation: $350. 

  • For a half-day presentation (three – four presentations): $500.
  • Full-day, in state (Washington) (five – six presentations): $700 (plus mileage (.50 per mile) over 50 miles).
  • Full-day fee for out-of-state schools: $900 (plus travel expenses: airfare, hotel, and cab fare). Note: out-of-state school expenses may be split between more than one school.
To schedule a visit or obtain more information, please complete the Appearance Request Worksheet and email it as an attachment to me at