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Bird from Before You Were Here, Mi Amor, a children's picture book with Spanish vocabulary
Illustration from Before You Were Here, Mi Amor

Kirkus Reviews - January 15, 2009
"A new baby is welcomed by the entire family as Mami recounts everything that happened in preparation for and anticipation of the little one's arrival. Hermano wished for a beĆ­sbol partner while hermana drew a picture of la familia. Abuelo planted a new tree; Abuela painted a tropical jungle in the baby's bedroom with jirafas, elefantes and tigres. Mami ate well and felt tiny little pies (feet) flutter in her barriguita (tummy). A gentle and lovingly blended text provides a fluid telling with important and basic Spanish vocabulary woven into the English, from animal and body part names to numbers and colors. Vamos's easily interpreted story is matched by Cohen's black-outlined folk-art-style drawings in bright primary hues; they depict an extended Latino family, all involved in the joy of the pregnancy and birth. This Spanish-flavored introduction, with its universal message of love for new babies and siblings, will become a favorite among growing bilingual families."

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