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Moon from Before You Were Here, Mi Amor, a preschool book with Spanish Vocabulary
Illustration from Before You Were Here, Mi Amor

Booklist - February 15, 2009
"Addressing her child, a mother describes the family's excitement, anticipation, and preparation leading up to the child's birth. The English narrative is liberally seasoned with Spanish, introducing words for family members, colors, shapes, animals, and other terms. Sometimes the Spanish is more extensive: "Tu papi recited poesia cantada while strumming su guitarra. 'Just in case the bebé is listening,' he said." Outlined with a bold black line, the illustrations bathe the family preparations in bright warm colors and provide plenty of clues to the Spanish vocabulary. A glossary of definitions without pronunciation is appended. Similar to Eve Bunting's "You Were Loved Before You Were Born" (2008) and Anne Bowen's "I Loved You Before You Were Born" (2001), this adds a distinctly Latino flavor to the familiar theme."
Linda Perkins