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A rhyming alphabet book about 26 different trucks from A to Z!

"Hardworking trucks zoom across the pages of this vocabulary-rich concept book... From ore truck to zipper truck, young vehicle enthusiasts will find something to excite them in this attractive abecedarian offering." School Library Journal

"Most of the vehicles will be new to fans, and many have surprising jobs. C is for cargo, G is for grapple, K is for knuckle-boom, L is for lowboy, O is for ore, . . . Oils and acrylics illustrate the rhymes with graphic simplicity, incorporating multiple letters into the scenes. Gear up, as this is bound to be a hit." Kirkus Reviews

Charlesbridge, 2013, Illustrated by Ryan O'Rourke

Everyone's heard of a tow truck and a pickup truck. An ice-cream truck? Of course! But what about a quint truck? A lowboy? A knuckle-boom truck? Learn about these trucks — and many more — while learning the alphabet in Alphabet Trucks. From a dump truck that unloads a pile of dirt containing the letter "D" to a fuel truck filling up at a tank shaped like the letter "F", Ryan O'Rourke's playful illustrations involve the letters in supporting roles in each scene.

Truck lovers, start your engines!

Alphabet Trucks


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Alphabet Trucks

Alphabet Trucks

Alphabet Trucks